Homes For Sale In Abbotsford – No Time Like The Present To Check Out Abbotsford Homes For Sale

There are many beautiful homes for sale in Abbotsford, BC, at present, most of which would make great investments due to the fact that the Abbotsford real estate market – not unlike the real estate markets in other cities throughout British Columbia and other regions around the world – is a little cool as of this writing.

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While this obviously isn’t good news for sellers, it’s great news for buyers because there are a number of excellent properties on the market right now that are priced well below what they would fetch in better economic times.

Moreover, the sluggish market has forced many sellers to drop the prices of their homes even further in order to even get the attention of serious buyers. Six-figure discounts on homes for sale in Abbotsford’s tony Eagle Mountain are not unheard-of.

Active Listing Statistics for Homes for Sale in Abbotsford for 2010 and 2009

The table below, based on data from the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board, shows a comparison of the number of active listings for detached homes for sale Abbotsford for 2010 and for 2009.

active listings stats on homes for sale in abbotsford

Naturally, current market conditions won’t last. As the overall economic climate continues to improve and consumer confidence returns, the real estate market is going to heat up again. And while no one can say with any certainty whether or not housing prices will return to the levels we saw before the global financial crisis, there is one thing that can be said with certainty: those great prices for homes for sale in Abbotsford (and elsewhere) are going to disappear.

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So if you’re currently interested in the Abbotsford real estate market – specifically, in homes for sale in Abbotsford – then you should really give some very serious consideration to taking action on your interest soon, before all of the attractively priced homes are gone.

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Author: D Alexander